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Farm Up for PC

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Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Dive into the atmosphere of 1930's America!

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Living in the United States of America in the ‘30s is hard, but not for the farmers, who are able to work and enjoy their everyday routine at the farm!

Jennifer, a young but exceptionally experienced and talented farmer from Carolina, bought a small ruined farm and made a real breakthrough in the field of advanced farming. Jennifers farm has been announced as one of the largest and most progressive farms in the USA, delivering food and materials to neighboring states and helping to restore the country’s economy.

Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Although times are harsh, things are improving, and good changes are on the way! Thanks to you, the country can be restored to its former glory, and your example will inspire others!

Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up

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béa 22.11.2014 09:59:13
Hello Realore Game! Are you going to react to all of these comments one day? Are you going to make at least something? Everybody is angry since the last update! Maybe it should be good to DO SOMETHING! Or only SAY something! You cannot leave people without information. In particular when these people pay for your game. Are you gonna do a change for the game (I mean restablish animals time), or no? Stop making us waste time, if no restoring is planned, just tell us! Thanks
publius 21.11.2014 08:08:10
wow in bigfish website this game is free but this website you need to pay for it.. seriously what is the different
QQ 21.11.2014 08:06:28
The new update seriously was bad and leading the game to it doom. Worst update ever.
kllrlewis 21.11.2014 04:01:02
I just started to play this game, and thankfully I haven't spent money on it yet. I won't be. The game continually loses items that I have worked to get, and there have been a number of times that the game goes for hours without accumulating energy. It continually wants me to spend money to buy coins, thanks to everyone who posted here, I won't be wasting my time now.
Mommygamer 20.11.2014 20:04:02
The new update sucks! Happy birthday my rear! Smurfs had a birthday and they gave players things, but farm up chargers but gives a discount. Greedy they have become! I have always given my disabled dd an itunes gift card to use to buy things on this game. But now the wool takes forever, their is hardly any realore jars given. What in the world is going on with the massive amounts of weeds, stone and logs? My dd lost the bakery updates that she spent gold coins on. As soon as her hold coins are gone, I'm deleting this greedy game.
Lemonrev 17.11.2014 02:24:40
I agree with Meg, I used to also get daily gold coin so i could save up, but now with having to feed animals the water and the feed troughs in the little farms for the animals are just plain waste now and 4 hours for animals to get fed What on hell was something thinking. It was already going slow enough having to pay for wheat every 2 hours as my study time had got to that point im almost on level 33 and i dont mind the game but if you do not give incentives to play i will do what i can because i like playing the game then i will uninstall the game and leave it in the closet to rust. You really need to consider Having such a game being a paid to buy game then having micro transactions on a game such as this. What a waste. FIX YOUR GAME
Meg 13.11.2014 23:42:29
I truly despise the new update. Realistic animals? Sheesh. I could barely keep up with the quests that needed wool and such to start with! It's led to me not even being interested in what was once a five star game to me. Thanks a bunch, Realore.
Someone 12.11.2014 06:00:36
Agreed with everyone else- greedy update. Good thing I'm not a fool like everyone else on this board, and I haven't spent more than about $3 on coins, before I figured out that this was just an attempted money suck. So, it took longer, but I am at level 52, with an astounding 887,000 xp until the next level. Good thing I have lots of products saved up, may stop playing eventually, but I'm glad I don't spend any real money on these games!
Yori 10.11.2014 20:01:25
I agree with all of you. When i was at level 36 and there was a bug, I wake up in the morning, open game and they bring me back to level 1. I complain to support center and a supporter told me "I apologize for the inconvenience but at the moment there is no way to restore game progress. So I feel angry because I spend 3 months to reach this level and I uninstall this game. But it's extremly supprise, after 3 days, I still see icon of Farm up on Start menu (Window 8) and click to open it. I saw the progress back to me but I must start lv36 again. After that, I see many bugs in game, such as: stone appear in the Sheep pen and can't remove it, the store is emty with no plants and nothing, the game lag, slowdown and lose control when have no internet connection,. . . The time take too long. 8 days to wait for wool is ridiculous, especially since you only get +5. So quests that originally only two 2 days max are going to take 2-3 months if you're lucky. Too bad! Having so many many discomfort things in this update, it's make me don't like game anymore. Time to find a new game, not realore's game Ticket Details Ticket ID: DHH-254-24631 Department: FarmUp Type: Issue Status: Closed Priority: Normal" New update is terrible. it's not fun anymore. It's a bad idea to change all the rules of the game mid-stream. Please change it back.
10.11.2014 02:54:35
I had to restart the farm up game because of my computer . I do not like the new version. Its hard to make money. Takes to long. And I can't seem to get any of the collections. I don't have a lot of money to buy coins. I use to like this game but I don't any more. Shame on you for changing it.
Brad 10.11.2014 02:28:11
I agree with all of you. I used to play this on my phone and was thrilled to see it for PC, hell I actually spent real money this time. I was having a blast until the update, too much time to do most everything. Then to top it off I turned it off yesterday to fix dinner for my son and when I came back everything I had accomplished for the last 7 days was gone. Started a new game but there isn't any goals to complete. I just wander around clearing grass. Not happy ,took it off my computer and sent a complaint to big fish (the sight hosting it). I really hope they reconsider what they have done and fix the bugs or the will never see another dime from me.
kokolina 10.11.2014 00:16:03
ma piece d or que j ai normalement tous les jours a heure fixe, ne se comptabilise plus dans mon jeu depuis la derniere mise a jour. Je passais beaucoup de temps sur ce jeu mais malheureusement je vais etre oblige de le supprimer.
mimi 09.11.2014 21:24:44
The new update is horrible. No more fun. Too long to wait to get eggs, to get wool,.. I waste my time and my money. I really liked it but now...I give it up!
kym 09.11.2014 13:32:57
I played this game constantly, with the updates it is no longer any fun. Time to look for another game.
Ken 09.11.2014 13:32:04
I'm was level 36. I spent a lot of time getting to this level, now with this "new" update , it has made a fun game into a pointless waste of time. I have ask support to address and I see no change so I am just going to delete the game and remove it from my computer. I have had enough!!!! If their goal was to piss off a lot of players I think they have done a excellent job after reading all of the comments below!! I can't believe they didn't respond after receiving all of these comments.
Tricia 09.11.2014 05:06:19
New update is terrible. Changing the length of time it takes to make wool is essentially slowing the entire game down so much that it's not fun anymore. It's a bad idea to change all the rules of the game mid-stream. Please change it back. I am considering calling your support line to ask for a refund.
josee 08.11.2014 17:05:43
i was at level 36 and there was a bug i restarted the game and they bring me back to level 1 .. there is no way im restarting that !! i spent money !! wow great update grrrrrr !!!
K8 08.11.2014 06:17:04
You seriously killed this game. 8 days to wait for wool is ridiculous, especially since you only get +5. So quests that originally only two 2 days max are going to take 2-3 months if you're lucky. Especially since a lot of those designs & recipes require quite a few of the items. Instead of being fun for everyone you have simply designed a game that is broken or designed to rob people blind. In order to do anything & get anywhere you'll have to spend a lot of money. It scares me to see this because all it makes me think is that you guys care less about your players & only care about the bottom dollar. There are other companies that are by far worth more of my time & money. So you've pretty much lost both a player & a patron with this update. From what I've read of earlier comments you've seemed to have lost a lot of players. Too bad, I was really enjoying the game. I shall never again play a realore game & I will make sure that I pass the word around that your games should not be played. Goodbye.
Carrie 07.11.2014 13:27:56
This was posted on facebook. Hopefully they will change it back to where it was before and if not I'm deleting it. Realore Games Guys, the balance of the game will be corrected in the upcoming update. Like · Reply · 1 · 22 hours ago · Edited
Barbara 07.11.2014 08:37:40
I agree with everyone too. It's a really bad update and I either would delete this game if Realore wouldn't change anything!
Delta 06.11.2014 23:45:51
Why is there no comment fr om Realore?? Not one good comment about the really crappy update - used to love the game and played a couple of times a day - no point now. Quests were always slow and so many were not possible because they were levels ahead of wh ere you were but now they are impossible - will take months to complete. Probably only worth a visit about once a week when animals produce. Only taking up space on my PC - looking for a better game. If it doesn't become playable soon will delete.
Trish Hoffmann 06.11.2014 15:34:48
New update does suck. What were you thinking? Please read all the comments and make the necessary changes.
Dolphinblue55 06.11.2014 13:34:45
I agree with every 1 this is the worst update ever and I wont play again until it is fixed to hell with your 1 gold daily log in I would rather delete than play this updated version
Scooby 06.11.2014 09:42:13
Agree this is update is appalling! I spend a couple of hours daily here, I've really enjoyed playing it. I won't anymore... Very disappointing to see animal collection increase so much. What is the point! You will lose me as a player for sure. Sad sad sad...
Irkalla 06.11.2014 04:13:14
Deleted the game. I won't spend months to complete something so simple as making sweaters. I enjoyed it up until this update.
ayla 06.11.2014 01:11:14
I really hate new update...I want to play old version...Farming has been so enjoy in former version but now it is too annoying. I don't want to wait so long for fishing, school or getting wool,eggs and milk. I don't want to spent all my energy for cleaning stumps or stones. I just want to enjoy..not to stress..
Zoe 05.11.2014 21:22:19
Agree with everyone... You've ruined what was a very enjoyable game .... Restore to its former format please or I'm giving up
Christine 05.11.2014 10:02:44
Having read all of the comments below, Why haven't Realore come back to any of us and apologised and tried to remedy the situation? Do they want their business to fail? Surely upsetting loyal customers to this extent deserves some explanation and apology? We're waiting Realore...
Christine 04.11.2014 21:03:54
Totally agree with all of the comments. There is now nothing in the shop at all so I can't buy anything or do anything. Please return to normal. I too will stop playing and I just bought more gold coins which \I will want you to refund if you don't fix this as I can't spend them and you've taken my money without providing me with anything for it.
Carrie 04.11.2014 14:47:17
I have never been so disappointed as with this update. There are bugs which have taken jars away from me but not given me the xp points to keep playing. Too many stones, stumps etc now which use up all the xp points to play. Having to grow your own food for the animals yet now they do not process as quickly as they did before so you have to grow so much it's annoying. If this doesn't change back to the way it was or something near it you can count on losing a customer. I had no problems buying gold now and again but the way it is now is just a greedy update. You really did ruin the game with this update. Use to be one of my favorite games to relax with. One week and I will delete it from my windows 8 if things aren't updated to fix what you have ruined.
Bad Update 04.11.2014 04:33:54
The new update is horrible, the game was really fun until this update. TOO MANY STONE, STUMPS, AND GRASS KEEP RESPONING. I find my-self using all my energy to get rid of all this crap instead of planting. Please fix or go back to the previous version ASAP the new update sucks. And half of the plant I used to plant are gone, come on and bring back to old version or something like it. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
unhappy 03.11.2014 17:13:41
you call that a update....I cant even buy the things I need store because nothing shows up expect this kit I need to buy for 60 gold coins....which I don't have anymore because I lost do to this last update. please fix this crappy update
squawchen 03.11.2014 07:10:28
I produced appeljuice for about 10 times without getting it :( wasting time :(
Pam 02.11.2014 18:41:55
Tell you what -- email me when you fix this game. I will not play it as it stands. :(
Pam 02.11.2014 18:31:56
I agree, I do not like this new update. I don't care for having to buy food for the animals, but I can live with it. It's all the glitches -- cannot scroll the warehouse; the store gets stuck on the ad to buy the "Advance Kit"; the "eyeball" gets stuck on whichever view -- these things need to be fixed, or you will lose a longtime player (since Farm Up first became available for PC).
eve 02.11.2014 15:32:51
and the quests are absurd. i'm at 18 level and i have an quest to produce milk(witch is level 23) or to plant some tree(at level 19).fix it!!
A. 01.11.2014 22:08:01
Get it? No, sorry, it seems to FORGET IT! Chance the new Update!
eve 01.11.2014 19:24:08
and the pumpking descent from 8 hors to 8 minuts.....and their value, as well. i have some pumpinkins and i can;t take something with them...
Shawn 01.11.2014 17:18:42
If you don't change the update and give us the the normale feedig of animals. This Will be a farvel to a game i have loved for a long time.
liah 01.11.2014 16:17:48
The new update makes the game unplayable. I've loved this game for a long time and I don't mind feeding the animals but wool was already hard enough to come by. And I noticed at the school my upgrade was taking a full day. Done. Time to find a new game.
Columbo 01.11.2014 09:32:59
How long will a goal for 10 dresses take if I have no wool at the start but i keep my sheep tidy, fed and watered? Realore, anyone work this out?
Adele 01.11.2014 04:51:02
I feel cheated!!!!! I've recently purchased a quantity of gold coins, then found the new updated version of waiting days to produce animal supplies etc.. I didn't spend my money on a game I won't progress in! This is not something I will play now, thanks realore for nothing!
Judith 01.11.2014 04:15:16
This new version is absolutely horrible!! Stumps and grass cover the farm in no time flat-- can use all the energy just cleaning up the place. Animals now take days to produce, after having to grow food for them. It already took forever to get enough wool to complete missions and now its next to impossible. Getting gold coins has always been slow and difficult but I can see its worse with the update. Seems to me these changes are to try to force players to purchase gold coins etc. This is definitely NOT progress and I think a lot of people will stop playing the game unless changes are made. I'm for sure not enjoying it like I was before.
Bec 01.11.2014 00:32:31
how do you make food for the animals?
Judith 01.11.2014 04:27:36
You have to grow alfalfa for the cows, oats for the fish and clover for the sheep
Jen 31.10.2014 21:51:03
Absolutely hate the new update! Days for my animals to produce?! It's bad enough you have to wait hours for stuff to produce from your buildings, now days for the stuff you need for orders?! Ugh...nothing like slowing an already slow game down more!!! I am currently looking for a different farm game to play this game just got ridiculous!
Ken 31.10.2014 19:55:32
I totally agree!!! I was enjoying the game and liked it with the "old" version. I don't use Facebook and don't plan on it. The "waiting" for days, I mean 10 days to have advancements in the game is unacceptable to me. I would just guess a lot of players will loose interest and move on to something else. If you want me to continue to play, read the comments below and make your game fun again. :( :( :( agree?
Jenny 31.10.2014 16:32:35
HATE HATE HATE the new update!!! It's ridiculous that you now have to wait DAYS for a few bits of wool, so now its going to take aggeeesss to complete tasks! I don't mind growing food for the animals but having to wait days just to harvest some wool or eggs is ridiculous! If you have to start adding neighbours then that will be sooo annoying because I loved this game because you didn't have to rely on anyone else. The game hasn't restarted to the beginning for me but I HATE the new update and am very disappointed, please change it back :( :( :(
Cindy 31.10.2014 16:12:31
A couple days ago I was 3/4 the way to level 38, went to eat dinner, came back & the game had reset to the beginning. Now this morning I log in & like everyone else is complaining about, everything has changed & to top it off ... it looks like it's turned into a Facebook type game where you're going to have to add neighbors. I left Farmville because of that. I loved Farm Up because I didn't have to depend on anyone for help on my farm & I could do what I wanted. Not to mention that since installing this game on my Surface, it has reset to the beginning for no apparent reason 3 different times. Good thing I never paid actual money for gold coins. Very disappointed in all the changes. I won't be playing this anymore =(
Mary 29.10.2014 18:38:29
I am on level 29 and have been for days, but when I signed on this morning I found that I must purchase or grow alfalfa and clover for my animals AND the harvest time for wool and milk has increased to DAYS instead of minutes. What is going on? I don't mind growing the feed for the animals, but it's ridiculous that I will need to wait three or four days to get five bundles of wool. Anyone else have this same experience?
Rhonda 31.10.2014 14:53:35
Same here! Last night everything was normal, woke this morning to harvest some crops for mission and whammo! They had changed everything. Now, have to wait for animals to get fed (which is fine, I don't mind growing those crops to do so) but having to wait 4 days at minimum to get any return from them is ridiculous. Too bad Realore has decided to go the way of Zynga and start screwing their players over. Guess I'm going to have to keep searching for farm games that work at keeping players happy.
Krystal 31.10.2014 06:40:53
same problem. why increased to days??? what's "advanced kit? it need 6o coins.
Dorothy 23.10.2014 17:36:22
I would like to know how do I get a code
Tonia 21.10.2014 00:02:15
I play on pc (laptop) and I don't have the option of taking orders anymore by land, sea, or train. I can only take orders when people pop up on my farm. Can this be fixed?
Susan 30.10.2014 20:12:11
I have the same problem. I have been unable to do any orders other than the occasional popup ones from people for over a week now. It's really made the game no fun and I lack the desire to play like I did. What happened???
delphes 23.10.2014 12:08:57
same problem
Kay 10.10.2014 05:43:36
I just lost my entire game on my Ipad! It reset for no reason! I went from level 34 (or close to that) to the start. I just bought gems from you! How do I get it back? For the record, this is 5th time I have had issues with your games. If you can't fix this, I am done with your company.
amaram 09.10.2014 22:10:45
Does anybody know what the different would be if you buy it instead of playing it for free ?
raztaman 09.10.2014 13:56:52
I just want to know how to redeem the code pls tell me how.. Need many neighbors too reply me ASAP pls
giselamarullo 02.10.2014 11:50:31
hola mi juego hoy ya van 3 dias que no me deja jugar solo me aparece una carita triste :(
Leylani 01.10.2014 01:30:24
Does anyone know how to make wool?
ryliz 20.10.2014 20:54:07
Build a textile mill
salvadorro 24.09.2014 12:41:25
Where I can produce apple juice?
Ansar Rajaram 10.10.2014 20:09:08
build a canned food factory
angel 24.09.2014 05:19:52
how do you update the app? what are the gift codes?
Charitha Sampath 22.09.2014 14:57:43
Is this game cam connect to any social network like facebook??
Nathalie 21.09.2014 21:58:29
Hi, I have updated the app, I have lost cupid ... not sure where the arrows are going .. How do I collect gold coins .... I have now a wheel ... spend coins instead of creating some. I am loosing interrest with the new update.
laurence 21.09.2014 10:38:45
ma jennifer ne fonctionne plus, à chaque action un message dit "vous ne pouvez pas s'approcher", comment puis-je résoudre ce problème ?
Agnieszka 14.09.2014 20:17:33
Hello i need friends in tablet version the game PLEASEJOIN ME
juci 05.09.2014 18:30:30
tenho o windows 8 e gostaria de baixar o jogo, mas não estou encontrando na Windows Store, procurei com vários nomes, e não encontrei, gostaria de uma ajuda para encontrar e fazer o download. Obrigado.
leighmargy 02.09.2014 03:39:18
if i buy the game instead of play for free with big fish can i create multiple accounts so the kids can play as well
Primula 08.09.2014 18:06:16
Yes, if you buy the PC version, you'll be able to create more than one account.
chantal 31.08.2014 22:25:47
this is the second time that the has happened. i get to about level 30-31 and the game start to glitch. the map doesn't refresh, then the animals join in, then i lose 2 cows. I hope you can fix the problem with me having to start the game over from the beginning again
Mikhail 31.08.2014 20:44:11
Для чего нужны бронзовые ключи и как их использовать???
Max 28.08.2014 23:51:25
How do you get a goat and at what level on the pc version ??? Does anyone know thanks!!!
Eden 27.08.2014 01:06:39
I need more neighbors!
Sam 24.08.2014 03:39:30
I'm tired of all the clean up of stumps, rocks and grass. A little is ok but this is ridiculous .
Natalia 22.08.2014 15:52:49
I`m lvl 29 on the android version and I bought a new cellphone. I want to keep playing farm up on it, but I can`t find were I save my progress! How do I keep playing it?? Spent real money on coins and don`t want to start from the beginning.
Agnieszka 15.09.2014 12:02:31
hello Natalia. Please add me.I Realu need friends in the tablet version game
Susan 15.09.2014 12:02:31
How do I create multiple accounts on the PC Version that I bought from Big Fish Games?
becky 15.09.2014 12:02:31
i am also on a tablet version.. how do you add people?
Ian 21.08.2014 15:18:02
If you are putting tree stumps, rocks & grass behind The Storehouse, please make sure you can activate them and not open the store every time.
Sandy 18.08.2014 09:01:56
Hallo. Bin sehr enttäuscht. Von Level 37 bin ich wieder zurück auf Level 1. Kann man das zurücksetzen, dass ich bei Lv 37 weiter spielen kann. Hatte auch 82 Goldmünzen. Schade
shy8562 17.08.2014 20:48:07
i love this game, but how di i get gift codes?
Eden 27.08.2014 01:08:27
In order to get gift codes you have to post good suggestions for improving the gsme on the official Realore-FarmUp Facebook page. That's the only way.
nana 12.08.2014 22:52:38
love the game but you need gold for a lot of the tasks to be completed and the game give you no options but 1 to obtain the gold ---- needs more options for gold like a special butterfly or even the mole could give you gold once in a while. Also you collection all the collections but one piece is usually hard to obtain and you have 50 to 60 of the others
Carissa 18.10.2014 18:03:45
how do you trade collections?
compblue 04.08.2014 00:09:04
I can't even buy gold or silver any more. So depressed.
alutka 29.07.2014 13:38:56
Jak dostać kod na zakup prezentu? Jak polepszyć ( upgrade pen) na przykład zagrodę z owcami? Jesli ktoś wie, to proszę o odpowiedź. Dzięki.
Dex 20.07.2014 13:52:06
What are the bronze keys for?
Eden 27.08.2014 01:10:13
No use for the bronze keys for tablet/mobile players. Only pc players can use them to open treasure chests.
Yori 27.08.2014 01:10:13
I have 3 keys and dont know how use.
Carol-Lynn 27.08.2014 01:10:13
I'm on PC & have never seen any treasure chests
Becky 27.08.2014 01:10:13
I am on a tablet and have never seen a treasure chest.
Jana Hope 19.07.2014 16:21:16
Hey if anyone have the ipad version of this game and in the fb farm up social may add me at any time. Without permission. I really need neighbors! Thank you!
Francie Lawrence 17.07.2014 20:16:24
I am on the quest " help store " and it shows a box of what looks like oats and it says produce and I have to have 3 of these items, but I have no clue where to make them. Please help
carla 16.07.2014 05:53:09
The guesthouse quit at 1 hr 30 min and won't proceed. Now I suppose 'GMA' will never come either. Any suggestions?
Terri 11.07.2014 05:42:17
I have finished the game at Level 55 and was debating starting a new game. However, i was wondering what was going to happen to all my items in storage, all my collections, all my gold coins and my money. I would have to lose all of that when I start a new game.
Eden 27.08.2014 01:11:14
You will lose everything you have, and start over
Karen 26.07.2014 01:12:36
Yes. You will lose every thing. Including coins
Rachel 10.07.2014 21:45:58
Je suis furieuse!!!!!! C'est la seconde fois que je perd toute ma partie!!!!!! Je suis arrivée au niveau 29 avec un total de 20€ dépensé entre mes 2 parties... La première j'était au niveau 16 et là je me hatais d'arriver niveau 30... Il me restait 90 pièces d'or ce matin... Je vais pour y jouer ce soir et là je suis retombée niveau 1 et les 10 pièces d'or de départ... QUE C'EST-IL PASSER?????? c'est dingue ça!!!! Je joue sur mon pc! Je veux retrouver ma dernière partie!!!!!!!
Jenn 10.07.2014 04:56:42
Is there a way if I started playing on my Windows (8.1) laptop that I can connect the same account with my Facebook account so I can play through there? I tried to access the app on Facebook, but it acts as though the game does not want to load, page just stays white aside from the FB navi. bar and the adverts on the right side...
Jenn 10.07.2014 04:57:37
Reason I ask is because I would like to play with neighbors, but see that the version I have on my laptop does not grant me that ability.
Eden 10.07.2014 04:57:37
Unfortunately, there is no way to connect to the same account using different operating systems, platforms, or devices. If you want to pkay it via facebook you should start a new farm on facebook. The facebook version is called FarmUp Social and it is for pc/windows users only, since android don't support flash.
Audree 09.07.2014 14:42:13
I really love this game! Everything is fine so far, but I wish I had MORE NEIGHBORS. I'm not allowed to visit some farms since they're using a different version of the game. Could you please make it so that everyone MUST have the same version of the game in order to play? That would be much appreciated!
Anne 01.07.2014 19:27:48
Does anyone know how the hidden achievements work? How do I find them?
Spakes 30.06.2014 19:32:27
I got to level 42, now everthing is lost: starting at level 1 again. How can this happen? How do I get my achievements back???
kay 10.10.2014 05:39:21
Same thing just happened to me! Did you ever figure out how to get the game back?
siddartha1492 29.06.2014 08:18:41
strangely this game is free on bigfishgames but why are they charging it on the official site.
Terri 11.07.2014 05:38:17
Actually while it is FREE on bigfishgames you have to BUY gold and/or coins so if you are not very careful it can cost you a lot more than the ten dollars on here.
Karen 24.06.2014 02:30:23
my hive wont work anymore, wont let me click it to get the honey back out and I wondered when the newest update will be available and how do I know if I have the current one?
kumar 23.06.2014 11:14:21
how to move the chicken pen, the one that you already have? it says clean up the pen before moving. the pen in already clean. and i couldn't sell one of the chicken in it. please help me. i want to move it to a different location
Denise W 22.06.2014 21:46:00
What is the level cap in the game? At the moment the level cap is 55. What do I need golden coins for? Golden coins allow you to speed up plants growth, give you unlimited energy, premium decorations for your garden, etc. How do I visit my friend's farm? Connect the game to your Facebook account. If your friends play Farm Up, they will be automatically shown as your neighbors. (mobile version only) Where can I get gift codes? We post gift codes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Occasionally we do other types of giveaways. Follow the news! There is something weird going on with my game (a character is stuck, a cow is lost, chickens stopped giving eggs etc) 1.Please send us your save game, 2.And then contact support team using this link We will make sure to help you with the issue! I have a question regarding game strategies To discuss the strategy of making your farm profitable and all-around-awesome subscribe to our Facebook page. What do I need neighbors for? How do I add neighbors? You can visit your neighbors farms and give them a hand with their garden: water the plants, or clean the lawn. Doing this will give you rewards. To add neighbors you must connect Farm Up to your Facebook account. Your friends who already play the game will show up as neighbors in the game automatically.
Pinky 22.06.2014 18:10:53
My game won't load
cancd 10.10.2014 20:11:41
well download it again
toni14213 21.06.2014 06:10:20
Hello why do I still have valentines day on farm up on my kindle fire hd
becky 10.09.2014 14:44:39
you do not want anything other than the valentines day farm up... the regular version is horrible. you spin a wheel and get 1 of something unless you use your gold coins to get more which is still a gamble and a rip off! They need to keep the valentines day one or change it for all the seasons and holidays.. I used to love this game until that, now I only go on to feed my animals and go back off. really no interest now
support 23.06.2014 11:13:20
Hello! The Amazon version update will be released very very soon.
alexyndrik 17.06.2014 22:52:51
Hello! I have a problem. After updating the game in one of my paddocks with sheep stump up on the spot where you need to collect wool. Therefore paddock became useless. Remove the stump is not possible to sell the pen too. Fix this problem please :)
Ann 14.06.2014 04:56:42
Hi, I have Farm up on my Kindle Fire HD. I have the Valentine update but haven't seen an update for the roulette guy. Does anyone know when or IF it will become available to me on Amazon?
Ann 02.07.2014 02:55:05
WELL...I've got the roulette guy now and I didn't WANT it! I just turned on my tablet this morning and the game automatically updated. It didn't ask me for permission either. I'm trying to be patient but.....I can't figure out what to do. The buildings are all getting highlighted and I think it has something to do with the hidden achievements but there is no explanation as to what I am supposed to achieve. Is there a help page that explains what to do in this new update? somebody PLEASE help.