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Farm Up

Time management, Over 2 000 000 players

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Living in the United States of America in the ‘30s is hard, but not for the farmers, who are able to work and enjoy their everyday routine at the farm!

Jennifer, a young but exceptionally experienced and talented farmer from Carolina, bought a small ruined farm and made a real breakthrough in the field of advanced farming. Jennifers farm has been announced as one of the largest and most progressive farms in the USA, delivering food and materials to neighboring states and helping to restore the country’s economy.

Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Although times are harsh, things are improving, and good changes are on the way! Thanks to you, the country can be restored to its former glory, and your example will inspire others!

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Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up


inga007 25.05.2015 17:02:37
Hi, today Jennifer disappeared ... plants cannot be earned or planted, does someone have a similar problem or knows a solution ?
nathan 24.05.2015 09:30:07
unable to update farm up on windows 8 pc added friends from facebook but there game is is newer but unable to update to friends on windows 8 version please help
Rhaenya 20.05.2015 19:21:47
since the last update for the pc-version, there are so many Problems. People freeze oder disappear, buildings, which are not broken, Need repair, therefor no quests to complete, disappearing collections, crashing games,... reed the game Forum at for a more detailed description of the catastrophe your last update is.
vicky 19.05.2015 18:06:29
Anyone know if you can play the same game on facebook through the pc and on an Ipad? it just gave me a new game :(
cheryl 09.05.2015 01:03:47
hi again, why is it that i dont have any gold coin after achieving my goals and my level ups... pls send me a feedback.
cheryl 09.05.2015 01:01:46
hi Good morning, i just want to ask, how can I update my farm up and link my farm up from Phone to PC, coz my farm up on my phone is updated but my Farm up on my PC is not.
nathan 24.05.2015 09:32:45
hi same here no update found downloaded game on windows 8 laptop unable to add friends with googleplay theres new version mine needs updatin
Sandra 29.04.2015 06:07:36
Did anyone else lose their gold and collection items with the update?
Elizabeth 28.04.2015 18:33:36
Since the PC update, I have been experiencing multiple issues. My factories cannot detect the blueberries in my storehouse, the game crashes 2 out of 3 times if I try to spin the wheel or redeem a collection, the engine noises continue the whole time a delivery is being made, etc. Is there a way to fix this? If I uninstall and reinstall the game through BigFish, will I lose my saved game farm? Please respond! Thanks!
Ronnie Childers 26.04.2015 05:23:28
I am at level 32 playing the Bigfish version and all my animals are frozen
Cindel Hager 25.04.2015 12:56:15
How do I update my game? I'm playing this through realtor on my surface 2. Please help!! This is highly annoying. Also, I need friends! My email is and my facebook is Cindel Danielle Hager.
denise gardner 23.04.2015 15:24:59
Why can't I update my farm, play farmup.i tried nothing happened I'm p...ed off I want new game, pretty please
farhad 15.04.2015 12:26:02
I have a quest: "fix the neglected stop".I'm level 29 and nothing happens when I click on the bus stop.nothing.How to build Bus Stop?HELP ME PLEASE.I'm really confused.
Jan 17.04.2015 00:20:27
You need Dad. Dad has to be available, not busy building something else. You need stone. Either pick up the rocks that clutter the lawn, or have Dad dig stone from the quarry. There should be a number floating in a bubble over the bus stop. Click on it. Wait for Dad to come.
Gift Code and Get Connected. 14.04.2015 20:42:06
I am playing on the iPad. I have a gift but no code to access it. I can't seem to find anywhere it is noted. Also, when I open the game to play it keeps saying I am not connected. What does that mean and how does one change it?
Jan 14.04.2015 17:34:36
If you want neighbors, you must put your email address in the body of the text. Yes, you just typed it in, above, but note that that doesn't post. Each comment below begins with a single name followed by the date and time.
Whitney 13.04.2015 01:08:44
I am trying to find friends or figger out how to connect to the sever if there is one
candy 12.04.2015 16:46:59
I need friends! email is
Wendy 05.05.2015 00:59:38
what's your facebook name? that wud help. Add me on facebook Wendy Elorm Odoi
Denise Hawkins 14.04.2015 05:07:56
Need friends also
Amanda 12.04.2015 01:22:04
I need friends if your interested.
Wendy 05.05.2015 01:00:14
add me on Facebook, Amanda
Denise Hawkins 14.04.2015 05:04:57
Need friends
Gina Sham 14.04.2015 05:04:57
I could do with some mates on my farm can u help please, Also my iPad won't download Easter update, and it doesn't show on Facebook so u can get more gold coins
Ed 11.04.2015 00:50:34
How do I get neighbors and what ingredient do you need for green punch?
Jan 11.04.2015 15:15:50
Post your email address where we can see it (as in a reply to this comment) and we can invite you to be a friend via Facebook. You need tarragon to make punch. That, and, I think, water.
gellsch 10.04.2015 16:53:40
bought game finished game is there more some add on or
Jan 11.04.2015 15:12:37
Sell everything, even the paving stones, since the only thing you can transfer to a new game is silver. Then, start over.
Diana 09.04.2015 00:47:13
What materials do I need to repair the Riverside station and how many of those materials?
Erin 08.04.2015 10:19:14
I've been playing this game with BigFish games and ever since the new update I have been having the game freeze, numerous error messages appearing through playing the game. I also have 3 Husbands, 3 Grandpa's and 3 Grandma's and only 1 jenny. Only 1 grandma, grandpa and husband move the rest are frozen so i can't harvest or plant anything. i also am unable to access or use any of my factories as all of them are frozen and i am unable to pick up the boxes of products they were making as they have not appeared. The school wont allow me to pick up my husbands degree and i am unable to let anymore of my workers get degrees. I cannot access any mission at all. All i can do is feed and water my animals as well as harvest eggs, milk and wool. I can weed, chop wood and harvest stone. I am not happy at all with the new upgrade and would like these issues to be fixed with a new update soon.
Jan 08.04.2015 17:55:19
Occasionally, and I haven't figured out why, the factory seems to stop and there are no crates out front. Click on the factory, and at the extreme right end of the toolbar, there are images of your products. Click on those icons, and the crates appear, ready for pickup.
Erin 08.04.2015 17:55:19
Thanks for the help Jan but it didn't work
Jan 14.04.2015 15:18:04
It won't help with the problem of multiple characters. I'm afraid that requires Customer Support help.
Sandra 08.04.2015 03:31:19
So I'm feeding my bunny and feeding my bunny... but nothing registers on his hungry bar??
Jan 08.04.2015 17:51:27
Bunny? What bunny?
Sandra 08.04.2015 17:51:27
I'm playing two games. One on the iPad (which is Farm Up HD) and one on the PC through Facebook (which is Farm Up Social). Social has an Easter event. Odd, when I add friends on the PC, they show up on my iPad instead.
Sandra 09.04.2015 03:56:48
I forgot to add that I also have Farm Up on the PC through Big Fish. That's the one I've been playing for a few years. I didn't upgrade that game because the upgrades caused too many problems and caused you to lose cupid's arrows.
Jacky 06.04.2015 23:45:21
Ho riscontrato un problema, sono stato offline per 5 giorni e ora mi collego mi accede fino a prendere la moneta del giorno poi,non mi fa ne raccogliere nulla ne muovere schermo ne nulla come mai? aiutatemi a risolvere perfavore. è un bellissimo gioco
Beth 02.04.2015 03:53:38
I've been playing this game using big fish games, but the latest update has it freezing up and closing out on me. Anyone experiencing this problem that is not using big fish for this game?
Roberta 05.05.2015 20:41:16
Yes I can't play the game at all even had the tech department help but no go
Jan 02.04.2015 16:42:56
I'm playing on an iPad, and I got this game from some website that wasn't Bigfish. The game doesn't freeze. However, occasionally it spontaneously goes to a screen that says I'm already connected to Facebook--Confirm or not. It doesn't matter which button I tap. The game goes to the entire reloading procedure, shows the farm for a fraction of a second, then goes to You are already... It's a continuous loop. The only way out is to shut down the iPad and then reboot, and sometimes even that doesn't work.
Rosamund 02.04.2015 16:42:56
I have a similar problem on Kindle Fire HD. Since last week messages say I have no connection, although I clearly have and other games played via Facebook are all working. I removed and reinstalled (device only) and had to start from scratch as this didn't fix the problem, ie with "no connection" my progress stored on cloud isn't available.
Sandra 01.04.2015 22:23:07
I have played Farm Up on Big Fish for a couple of years. I'm trying the new version on my iPad and I'm so confused! I even tried Facebook Farm Up Social (which at least has a tutorial), but it isn't much help! Where do you find out how to do some of these new things??
Jan 02.04.2015 14:48:21
The confusion seems to be part of the game. That's why we share our discoveries here.
Sandra 02.04.2015 14:48:21
Thanks Jan, I thought it was me! I read your post on shamrocks and placing them in friends pots, etc., but I have yet to even get one! I'm cleaning up friends yards, but nothing... Is this how you get the St. Patrick's decorations?
Jan 04.04.2015 20:13:23
I'm afraid the leprechaun is gone. This was a temporary diversion for St. Pat's Day, following the snowdrifts and ornaments of the Christmas season. Now, the game has settled into a pattern of other cities placing orders for farm products. The activity of visiting friends seems to be a holdover--there are no more shamrocks. However, there is a gift box on my porch. When I tap on it, a message says it's a gift from a friend, and I receive an incredible number of tomtits. Am I taking tomtits away from other people when I tap the box?
Sandra 05.04.2015 04:42:31
My luck of course :) I've kept the original Valentine's update from before the casino spin. Still collecting arrows and gold, so I'm not real familiar with all the updates. By keeping the arrows, I can replay the game endlessly. I am also receiving a ton of gifts although it only says that I'm giving one.
Steve 29.03.2015 14:35:49
My font size has become very small . How do I control size ?
QQ 29.03.2015 01:14:31
since the last update for PC version, I have been having glitches with my item missing from the barnyard, I had stock of 2000 plus oats but gone just because of I think bug in the new update, and the game kept hanging when I wanted to redeem the rewards. Can someone please fix that as it had really became a hassle.
Rachel M 28.03.2015 22:05:35
Hey can someone please tell me how to add friends because the only option i get is to add facebook friends. Thr game doesnt give me the option to add friends by email addresses. Or please add me. My email address for the game is
Wendy 05.05.2015 01:01:59
you can add friends via Facebook
tatiana 28.03.2015 19:15:43
hello, as I get coi friend?
Jan 28.03.2015 03:35:41
Suddenly, after I have already distributed punch to a couple of cities, it stopped working. I can send other produce, but two cities are demanding punch, and when I hit "send", nothing happens. Is this a glitch?
Archer 27.03.2015 14:22:00
i can seem to fix the neglected stop I have a quest for it but I can't seem to fix it or figure out how
Jan 27.03.2015 20:46:29
"Neglected stop"? I don't understand,
Kelly 27.03.2015 08:20:50
Add me I need friends on here
Jan 27.03.2015 20:45:08
I can't figure out how to do it without you email address.
Rie 25.03.2015 08:28:08
Please i need a friend in this game...add me Thanks
Jan 26.03.2015 13:05:10
I did.
Jan 24.03.2015 13:04:58
I just spent a couple of hours harvesting crops, feeding livestock, gathering eggs and wool, and planting shrubs and trees, all without gleaning a single shamrock. It seems that shamrocks can be found only by pulling weeds and stumps and picking up rocks. Since I can't use X-Ray vision on other peoples' farms, I will leave my own visible weeds, stumps, and rocks for others to pick up. Friends please do the same.
Kerri 23.03.2015 22:38:40
I need friends also.
Kerri 23.03.2015 22:38:01
I need some new friends too.
Rhonda 23.03.2015 14:55:47
Ok, so I had to put the pot on my farm, fill it and a neighbors with 10 shamrocks each, and have made it to the last mission to deliver 30 green punch to other cities. The problem....I clear out a mission and it gives me another delivery other then green punch? Anyone have an idea how to trigger the green punch deliveries? For the Christmas missions it automatically went to gift deliveries, but not for this mission?
Jan 24.03.2015 11:23:14
Oh, so this serves as a warning for those of us who haven't gotten that far. Don't send your punch away until you are told to do so.
Jan 24.03.2015 11:23:14
First, I grew a whole lot of tarragon and made all the punch required (I think it's 18). Then, I accepted the reward for completing that stage of the process. Then I sent a batch by train to Mayberg. When the train came back, Mayberg ordered 5 more units of punch. I think Mayberg will continue ordering punch four or five at a time until it's gone.