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Farm Up for PC

Over 2 000 000 players
Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Dive into the atmosphere of 1930's America!

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Living in the United States of America in the ‘30s is hard, but not for the farmers, who are able to work and enjoy their everyday routine at the farm!

Jennifer, a young but exceptionally experienced and talented farmer from Carolina, bought a small ruined farm and made a real breakthrough in the field of advanced farming. Jennifers farm has been announced as one of the largest and most progressive farms in the USA, delivering food and materials to neighboring states and helping to restore the country’s economy.

Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Although times are harsh, things are improving, and good changes are on the way! Thanks to you, the country can be restored to its former glory, and your example will inspire others!

Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up Farm Up

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BIGUINETTE 21 April 2014 15:26
J'aimais jouer "FARM UP" mais un ras-le-bol je m'ennuie et en plus ce qui m'errite le plus c'est l'ange, cupidon j'en ai ras le bol
Support 21 April 2014 11:09
Angel,this e-mail works. We get 100+ messages each day on it.
Angel 21 April 2014 10:46
The e-mail ( is not work, so funny for this game have no support
Support 21 April 2014 08:14
Dear users!To contact support for bug reporting or other questions, please use this link: This page isn't monitored by support team.
Filipa 21 April 2014 00:53
i have a friend who plays this same game and her game has already the new update (that removed Cupid and brought in the spinning wheel) BUT my game haven't (and i started playing this game first). 1 - how can i have my game updated too? I am in 33 level but from level 30 that i don't have more "neighbor missions". 2 - What happend? why the missions disappear? If i don't have more missions i can't level up. Please correct these problems.(sorry my poor english!!!)
Francefrt 21 April 2014 00:43
Je suis tjrs avec la Saint Valentin, il n'y a pas de Pâques chez Farm up? Merci
Angel 20 April 2014 13:29
Guys, how can i transfer this game from old deviace to new deviace, i not want waste my game? Can anyone help me? Ty <3
Els 19 April 2014 19:31
My game restarted for the thirth time without asking it. I so hate it. I really loved the game but now I've deleted it. No more farm up for me :(
Pam 18 April 2014 18:43
LAUGHING........seriously I have looked down through this whole page of comments from people who pay you money to play your game and keep you in business and I counted 2 (TWO) comments from "SUPPORT". What gives? Do you even pay attention to the people playing your games?
Pam 18 April 2014 18:29
Also, how the heck are you to respond to anyone on here if you do not have our contact information?
Pam 18 April 2014 18:26
Wondering when you will update the game and get rid of cupid. I spend my hard earned cash on this game and would expect that you would keep up with updates. Have checked many times and still no update. REALLY tired of seeing HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and that stupid ribbon every day. Love is no longer in the air. Please get rid of STUPID CUPID. Secondly I am wondering if i have to buy a new fish every time I want to fish for it? 2500 coins for each fish. Crazy!!! They should last like the other animals or breed or something. 12 of each fish is pretty pricey if that is how it goes.
Rachel 18 April 2014 16:00
Je suis carrément dégoûtée!!!!! J'ai commencer le jeu en début de semaine et je suis arrivée au niveaux 11. Tout se passé super bien, j'ai même acheter jusqu'à 5€ de pièce d'or... Ce matin je me connecte pour pouvoir évoluer quand tout à coup une coupure de courant en plein jeu. Je rallume mon pc, et là trop mauvaise surprise, je dois tout recommencer!!!! comment dire, j'ai la haine... J'aime bcp ce jeu et là j'avoue que je suis harchi, mais harchi deg d'avoir tout perdu... Ni a t'il vraiment aucun moyen pour récupérer ma partie???
Support 18 April 2014 12:58
Donna, this bug is fixed already. Please update the game.
Donna 18 April 2014 12:21
After last update that removed Cupid and brought in the spinning wheel when G-ma & G- pa complete their work the pens are still dirty and broken and the task has used up energy or gold.Please fix!!
loredana 17 April 2014 20:47
caro sviluppatore un gioco bello è diventato inutile e misterioso.....degnaci di più spiegazioni altrimenti cambia mestiere......
JF 17 April 2014 16:59
My saved game got deleted twice now - make sure your computer doesn't get unplugged while you are playing or saved game gets lost.
Support 17 April 2014 08:31
kami, Hello! This bug is fixed and the update will be released this week!
kami 16 April 2014 19:47
Gma will clean pens but when she is done they are still dirty, and grandpa will fix pens but when he gets done fixing them they are all broken again?..... wth?
WHOOPS 15 April 2014 18:51
At level 27, game froze up computer. Rebooted, logged back into game only find I was back at level one. Lost all my progress and the actual money I spent to play the game. SCAM. Reported to Microsoft app store. Hopefully, they will drop the game. Realore said there was nothing they could do.
Ivan 15 April 2014 12:31
Ann, нажимайте глаз, все объекты становятся прозрачными и берете стрелы, после семи собранных стрел больше их не появлялось.
Deliadee 15 April 2014 05:13
Great game, don't know why no one is fixing it. I came looking for answers to my game being missing. I was at level 23 or 24. Really upsetting, plus come on, you have something that's making money, why throw it away?
Ian 14 April 2014 22:44
Cupid shot his bolt inFebruary. Easter is on its way. Get rib of the arrows, bring in the bunnies doing their thing
Ellen 14 April 2014 21:45
I am at level 55 and the experience (orange values on the top left) are blank. Also -- there are no more quests or requests from the other requestors available. Did I hit the end of the game??
Ann 11 April 2014 01:29
Как можно собрать стрелы за деревьями подскажите пожалуйста
merry 11 April 2014 01:27
Ashley 7 April 2014 23:33
I bought coins and it won't give them to me..... how do I fix this
Sydney 5 April 2014 16:54
I my mom was playing my game and all of a sudden poof. All my game gone. It's not fair and what are the dumb bronze keys for?????!
Heather 5 April 2014 04:07
I played well over six months and was around level 46. Today I was playing and lost it all out of no where. I'm so disappointed. I'm cautious about playing any more of their games if the same thing will happen.
Nicole 5 April 2014 03:49
The game need seriously update cupit still round lost my game that's not right had to start over then ya should give golden coins out for archivement when task complete really like the game but please needs update I play lots if games hay day family farm many more they update and give free things so please I'm asken you update please make the game better I spend money on games that's worth and urs would be if taken care of thank you very much
edward 3 April 2014 16:40
Hi. I play this game and it takes down, when i start the game and i lost all game. Help please!!!
Dee 3 April 2014 06:44
Please help me... How do I fish in this game?
Heather 3 April 2014 01:14
Bronze keys: Facebook for Realor says they are for an update later on but they will open treasure chest
DJ 2 April 2014 23:20
When is the new update? Last time I looked at the colander it was April, not February!
len 31 March 2014 22:32
Como cambio las monedas de plata por la de oro
eli 31 March 2014 21:00
and for what are the bronze keys ?????? i just cant under stand
Jennifer 31 March 2014 19:46
Bonjour, depuis le changements d'heure, je ne recois plus mes pieces d'or journalière!!! Pourriez-vous régler ce problème? Et une petite idée en plus, pourquoi vous n'agrandissez pas l'espace de jeu, car avec toute les usines et autre il n'y plus beaucoup de place... Merci
Kieran 31 March 2014 11:31
GV 30 March 2014 15:33
Hi, I need your support for the game “Farm Up”. It’s the second time that I lose it all. The first time in level 25 and now at level 30. It’s such a good game but very disappointing losing everything after so much time spent and also losing all the gold coins. I am seriously thinking in deleting this game and look for some others Game Farms because I realy enjoy this tipe of game, but I can´t carry on playing knowing that sooner or later I will lose every thing again. 28 March 2014 14:37
Excelente el juego llevo 3 años jugando,aunque me toco empezar de nuevo,desde el 40. Necesito monedas gracias.
Anushka 27 March 2014 02:46
I would like to know the purpose of the hearts. I collect a lot of hearts with lots of actions but no idea what they do. Also, fr om time to time the energy lim it goes to 2 days or 1 day and all my coins disappear... Thanks
Manel 26 March 2014 13:59
I Can't Play That Game...I Can't Find The Code
ازهار 25 March 2014 21:39
نعم هناك لمن المفتاح البرونزي
ازهار 25 March 2014 21:38
لعبه روعه احببتها جدا ياريت لو مكبرين المساحه مال العبه
Keirstyn 25 March 2014 13:39
Farmer Jim...I do believe the keys are for an update the game will have in the future. Don't sell them.
Keirstyn 25 March 2014 13:37
I love this game...but it clearly needs some updates. I think it should have more similarities as hay day were u can buy& sell items in a newspaper. Also, there needs to be an easier way to sell individual makes u scroll through all of the items u have. This is very time consuming! I think also, you should get more realors
farmer jim 24 March 2014 19:05
what are brass keys for? Yesterday started getting message on all anmal pens that there is no path yet my people walk past the pens and doors open. getting this when trying to collect product.
satwinder 22 March 2014 08:20
Rhondacat2002 21 March 2014 17:46
Played this game on PC, many many glitches, seems same on iPad. Woke up one morning, and all 14 gold coins gone. Now have numerous arrows and unable to redeem. I give up! Again.
Mag 21 March 2014 15:17
Each day I am losing one gold coin, what is going on? What are the brass keys are for?
Azhaar 19 March 2014 17:24
Thankyousoooo mach
Azhaar 18 March 2014 21:51
Love sssssooo mach
Filipa 17 March 2014 19:31
hello, my game also reste, was at level 32. is there any way to get back to the same point in the game? please someone help me ... do not want to start from scratch!!! Do i need to contact lhe suporte? I appreciate any help
Todde 16 March 2014 22:24
was passiert mit den bronze schlüßeln? wo finde ich meine instalierte version version bzw wie aktualisiere ich meine version bei windows 8? und wieso ist das spiel bei meiner tochter nun zum 7 mal neugestartet bei wondows 8?(heute gespielt morgen macht sie es wiedr auf und fängt von vorne an )
leah 16 March 2014 17:17
how to update the game in windows8? thanks...
Steph 16 March 2014 01:54
Does anyone know what the keys are for...?
Lvira10 15 March 2014 01:57
Why is it every 6 days my game now resets back to day one since the Valentine's Day (which as long since passed) update. Also, what are the brass keys for and will we get an answer?
Tom 14 March 2014 13:30
To ANGRY for me it takes Bilberries to make the Blue berry jam
Anita 13 March 2014 20:17
i play this game for a long time on my laptop. i´m level 46. but i still haven´t neighbours. what can i do?
picard15 13 March 2014 10:24
still no idea what the brass keys are for. I'm on level 36 with no more quests since level 31 but hey I have 6.7million silver coins plus 23000 gold coins so I can grow pretty much what I want
Lili 11 March 2014 18:48
To Jack ... "No path available" means there is something on the way (where the usband has to work) like a decoration for example. Moves objects around the house and the problem should be resolved. (I hope you'll understand, I'm french !)
adry 11 March 2014 17:07
a cosa servono le chiavi di bronzo?
Me 11 March 2014 14:46
I'm with Matt on this the support team do nothing not even a reply to an email ...
jack 10 March 2014 23:26
im trying to fix the house but it says no path available what does that even mean?
Cuddlz 10 March 2014 08:37
What are the keys for?
keshia 9 March 2014 20:10
My game was reset too but i got it back and whats the keys for??? And how do i share my achievements to get gold
Dida 7 March 2014 16:34
لعبة رائعة
Елена 6 March 2014 09:36
sue 4 March 2014 14:19
went to get on farm up online game and my whole game had been wiped clean. I was on level 35 with over 300 gold coins . where is my game?
Jamie 4 March 2014 03:01
I can't spend cuspids arrows! What's the point in getting them if you can't do anything with them! Please help
Hazil 4 March 2014 01:14
Tammy 4 March 2014 00:54
It says I have unlimited energy for a certain amount of time but when I click anything, it says you are out of energy. Then if I click o the buy unlimited energy, it says game is already activated with unlimited energy. What do I do now? I can't play at all. Have emailed support. Will they actually help fix the problem?
mf 3 March 2014 18:00
fun game but, I refused to buy coins with real money... something I wil NEVER do for games. There is practically no other ways to get gold coins except to go everyday, for one coin per day... at that rate you have to go daily for three months sometimes to upgrade the water pump for example. Would be more interesting if you could trade a certains quantity of silver coins for a gold coin. Then you could use strategy to plant veggies to recold silver coins. Have played on pc, not iPad. Not yet reached 23rd level, will see if it will restart at lower level.... if so that's it for me, I will stop playing.
bon 2 March 2014 23:09
Have been got restarted 3 times once I reached to level 23. feel so discouraged to restart again.
HKOD 2 March 2014 05:07
I just got restarted from level 23
HKOD 2 March 2014 04:57
What are the bronze keys for?
Cat 23 February 2014 02:18
I have also been wondering what the brass keys are for. I saw 2 others asked but didn't see any answers.
Jen 19 February 2014 09:02
I use to love this game, was thrilled when I found out I could play it on my Surface. Well, not now. The game has reset on my twice now. I've spent over $25 purchasing coins, now it's all gone. I remember when Realore games were actually worth playing. I'll be posting a full review on my blog and a few other places. I'm also going to let Microsoft know how horrible this game has gotten. We need to get the word out about this game taking coins that are purchased, encourage people not to buy coins. Maybe they'll start listening when people are buying less. Hitting a company's image and pocket book usually gets their attention.
Dina 19 February 2014 05:05
Играла в ферму,была очень довольна,но теперь я не могу собрать растения вообще,не могу в любом просторном месте посадить грядки,в чем дело?выдает нет пути и хоть ты тресни!по середине игры переместишь где нет ничего,все равно нет пути!
Staci 18 February 2014 18:32
I got a new Iphone and had to redownload this app on to the new one but its making me start all over again how do I get it back to where it was on my old iphone. I also back up my phone and apps on a daily basis with icloud.
Valorie 18 February 2014 17:34
I loved this game< even got family and friends to like it, but now NO! supposed to get refund on gold coins I purchased, that never happened, plus now it does not play since it auto updated.
ANGRY 17 February 2014 13:22
jack 16 February 2014 23:02
helen 15 February 2014 03:30
I have been enjoying this particular game very much. Today it updated and I can no longer open it.very frustrated right now.
Arnoldo 14 February 2014 19:48
muy bonito el juego, pero deberian dar mas energia. muy bueno me gusta
Julie 14 February 2014 06:39
Can anyone tell me what the bronze keys are used for? I also had coins. That we're taken when I used the arrows to get a gift. Some glitches need to be worked out!
JAMES RILEY 14 February 2014 04:59
Brynn 13 February 2014 19:09
I am playing on Windows 8.1 and wondering why my farm does not have holiday decorations, gifts, arrows or keys, as the iPad version has. Is there a download I am missing? When will these items be added?
Mag 13 February 2014 17:51
Now I am at 55 level. Game is over? No more quests...
Roberto 13 February 2014 03:36
I am at level 55....Is it finished?If the answer is yes..... No commentI play with this game for one year!
Uzumaki 12 February 2014 15:13
Hello when I switch arrows for gifts i lose thegold coins, 26 coins and have lost them all
Alison 12 February 2014 05:28
I'm trying to buy coins and the hourglass just keeps whirling and whirling. No problems before the update now it just won't let me buy anything.
Tiff 12 February 2014 04:08
What are the bronze keys used for?
Chenoa 12 February 2014 02:56
Very frustrated it keeps losing my gold coins... I had 28 and lost theme and then earn 6 more and it lost them within 15 mins.. I am about to just delete this game.. Very frustrated since I have been playing for a couple months..
Lisa 11 February 2014 17:01
Yes, I have talked to them and told them I have lost gold coins and they said they couldn't refund them if they are earned and would look into it if I had purchased them. They acted like they just didnt care at all about the customer. I am sure they do t have many if any now. This game will still things from you, won't update, what they say it should do it doesn't. Its a big waste of least with farmville they will help you out, even if they are getting rediculous about how many farms they want you to do.
Matt 11 February 2014 13:30
Game has been acting up a lot lately and the support team is not doing anything to resolve the issue