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Farm Up

Time management, Over 2 000 000 players

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Living in the United States of America in the ‘30s is hard, but not for the farmers, who are able to work and enjoy their everyday routine at the farm!

Jennifer, a young but exceptionally experienced and talented farmer from Carolina, bought a small ruined farm and made a real breakthrough in the field of advanced farming. Jennifers farm has been announced as one of the largest and most progressive farms in the USA, delivering food and materials to neighboring states and helping to restore the country’s economy.

Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Although times are harsh, things are improving, and good changes are on the way! Thanks to you, the country can be restored to its former glory, and your example will inspire others!

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Jan 28.03.2015 03:35:41
Suddenly, after I have already distributed punch to a couple of cities, it stopped working. I can send other produce, but two cities are demanding punch, and when I hit "send", nothing happens. Is this a glitch?
Archer 27.03.2015 14:22:00
i can seem to fix the neglected stop I have a quest for it but I can't seem to fix it or figure out how
Jan 27.03.2015 20:46:29
"Neglected stop"? I don't understand,
Kelly 27.03.2015 08:20:50
Add me I need friends on here
Jan 27.03.2015 20:45:08
I can't figure out how to do it without you email address.
Rie 25.03.2015 08:28:08
Please i need a friend in this game...add me Thanks
Jan 26.03.2015 13:05:10
I did.
Jan 24.03.2015 13:04:58
I just spent a couple of hours harvesting crops, feeding livestock, gathering eggs and wool, and planting shrubs and trees, all without gleaning a single shamrock. It seems that shamrocks can be found only by pulling weeds and stumps and picking up rocks. Since I can't use X-Ray vision on other peoples' farms, I will leave my own visible weeds, stumps, and rocks for others to pick up. Friends please do the same.
Kerri 23.03.2015 22:38:40
I need friends also.
Kerri 23.03.2015 22:38:01
I need some new friends too.
Rhonda 23.03.2015 14:55:47
Ok, so I had to put the pot on my farm, fill it and a neighbors with 10 shamrocks each, and have made it to the last mission to deliver 30 green punch to other cities. The problem....I clear out a mission and it gives me another delivery other then green punch? Anyone have an idea how to trigger the green punch deliveries? For the Christmas missions it automatically went to gift deliveries, but not for this mission?
Jan 24.03.2015 11:23:14
Oh, so this serves as a warning for those of us who haven't gotten that far. Don't send your punch away until you are told to do so.
Jan 24.03.2015 11:23:14
First, I grew a whole lot of tarragon and made all the punch required (I think it's 18). Then, I accepted the reward for completing that stage of the process. Then I sent a batch by train to Mayberg. When the train came back, Mayberg ordered 5 more units of punch. I think Mayberg will continue ordering punch four or five at a time until it's gone.
Bonnie 23.03.2015 12:52:07
Does anyone know how to make the green punch? I can't tell what ingredient it is I need.
Jan 23.03.2015 13:18:04
You need tarragon, a new item that can be found among the vegetables.
Jan 23.03.2015 12:33:56
In order to complete this quest, we all have to friend each other, then do tasks on each others' farms, and put shamrocks in each others' pots. Please friend me; I'm
Jan 23.03.2015 01:42:46
I pulled a weed on someone else's farm, got a shamrock, and put it in her pot. When I returned I had one point toward my quest.
Louise 22.03.2015 20:20:11
Hi, I have collected shamrocks which are now in my barn. I tried tapping the pot to put in the shamrocks and it just gives a message of needing to fill the pot!. Can anyone help?.
Jan 22.03.2015 21:51:37
When I tap on the pot, Jennifer comes and outs the shamrock in the pot. Could Jennifer be busy elsewhere?
Jan 22.03.2015 21:51:37
"Puts", not "outs". #%€£¥ spell checker.
Jan 22.03.2015 20:49:17
Aaaargh. I pulled a weed and got a shamrock. I looked in my barn, and it was there. I travelled to Bonnie's farm and I tried to put it in her pot, but I got a message that I had used up my energy for today. I returned "home" and tapped my pot. It appeared in my pot and disappeared from my barn. That's no help. Sorry.
Jan 22.03.2015 20:05:06
What I think just happened: I accepted friend requests from Nancy and Bonnie. Their icons appeared. As I clicked each, a window told me I had received a gold as a bonus, but I don't see them; I had one gold, and I still have one gold. I went to Nancy's farm and I pulled five weeds. I went to Bonnie's farm and removed five rocks, gaining one tiny shamrock. I went home and put it in my pot, raising my total from two to three. My quest, though, still shows zero points for helping friends. Should I have put the shamrock into Bonnie's pot? Next, I received a message that someone had been to my farm, and do I want to accept changes? I said yes, and a fourth shamrock appeared in my pot. My score for helping is still zero. I think I need to get another shamrock from my farm and put it in Bonnie's pot, but I used up all five energy points at her farm. I wonder if more energies will appear.
Bonnie 22.03.2015 23:20:25
I had to put ten shamrocks in neighbours pots to get that completed. I am stuck on the next quest now though
Bonnie 22.03.2015 16:42:08
Jenny is not getting mor energy refilled for me either. I don't have any other neighbours. It makes it impossible to complete the tasks. Please help or fix
Jan 21.03.2015 19:13:51
Me too.
Jan 21.03.2015 19:08:43
Connections: when you pull weeds, stumps, and stones, you occasionally find a tiny shamrock. They collect in your barn, next to your boards, bricks, and so forth. When you tap the leprechaun's pot, a shamrock appears in the pot and disappears from the barn. When there are ten clovers in the pot you get a emerald. Click on the leprechaun who is standing in front of Jennifer's house and you get a page of decorations that can be purchased with emeralds.
M. 21.03.2015 19:02:55
Sadly a "me too" post - Jenny's (default friend farm ) says you've used up today's energy, but never refills.
Robin 21.03.2015 17:44:27
I could use friends who play this game, my facebook email is
Robin 21.03.2015 15:53:47
I have been playing this game forever but so many glitches. Jenny never gets back energy to be able to help which makes it almost impossible to complete shamrock task. Then grass, stones, snow all end up behind the barn where you can't ever click to get them as it brings up storage or the bricks, boards etc so you can't ever click. The truck half the time glitches where you can't send it out and when you try, it boots you out of the game
Jan 21.03.2015 13:28:52
I've changed my mind. Look for the pot on the screen where you can buy the shamrock (good luck bonus), the shoe (speed bonus) and the mortarboard cap (experience bonus). It's the tab between the energy points and the vegetables. The trouble is, after you buy it once, it disappears.
Jan 21.03.2015 12:15:15
If you feed and water your animals, they give you wool and eggs in a reasonably timely manner. Bronze keys have no use except they can be sold. I found the pot, quickly and accidentally. I think maybe it's in the store on the page where you buy boards, water, and other useless things. My problem--I click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the screen, then click on Jenny's picture to get to her farm, but when I get there, I have no energy. Is there a way to get energy points, other than buying them for forty golds or more?
tami 19.03.2015 13:17:02
I just received the st. Patrick's day update and I don't know where to find the pot. Help please
Bob 19.03.2015 15:43:33
As I know, it should be in the barn.
Belinda 19.03.2015 15:43:33
I need neighbors
Elizabeth 18.03.2015 19:40:52
I have two tasks for blueberry jam and a store house full of blueberries, but I can't use the canning plants to make any jam because it says I have no blueberries. I had to spend gold coins on the blueberry bushes, and if my queue keeps filling up with blueberry jam requests I won't be able to play anymore. Is there a patch that will fix this?
M. 21.03.2015 07:06:51
Bilberries make that jam. Long time bug.
ursula lapp 18.03.2015 13:23:27
hi ...... I play garm up on windows7 and have since yesterday ( 3/17/2015 ) a problem - every time I einlogge my farm is littered with weeds !!!! This is terrible please remove this stain ! Me and my numerous appearance makes it no fun to play ! Besides ... my " Purchased Goldcoins " disappear sometimes just so this is a joke! I hope to amendment !!!!
support 18.03.2015 16:09:21
hi! It looks like that you mean Farm Up Social over Facebook. If so, this bug is already fixed, just check your game!
Cynthia 18.03.2015 06:22:20
Hi :) I am on level 39 and suddenly I can't open the game because I am unable to select the continue button. I can start a new profile but then I am starting all over again? Please send me some advice? I have already uninstalled and then down loaded a new one and installed again. I did do a defrag and restart after uninstalling :)
Jan 21.03.2015 13:37:35
If you are playing on an Apple product you have probably received the St. Patrick's Day update. I don't think the PC users are so lucky. Check out your bakery and see if there isn't an upgrade available at level 58. Also, I'm playing on an iPad and it just acquired tarragon among my vegetables, and my cannery now offers a punch that uses tarragon as an ingredient.
joanne W 17.03.2015 19:44:20
Hello, I am currently on level 56 and since the Christmas theme there has not been any tasks to accomplish, just curious if there is going to be any more? I've spent over 250.00$ playing this game and do enjoy it, but without some tasks now and then, it's starting to get boring.
jiabao 16.03.2015 05:22:36
where can i get friend coin?
Jan 24.03.2015 13:10:44
"Friend coin?" There's no such thing. Go to you Facebook page. Click on Add Friends. Add me: Or tell me your email address so that I can invite you to be my friend.
Rie 24.03.2015 13:10:44
Pls add me as ur friend...riemizaki@ coz i dont know how to add friend pls help
Cindy 15.03.2015 20:54:58
One by one over a period of time, clicking on different inner city quests will crash the game on my IPad. After having gotten the game thru BFG for my PC and an update made the game unplayable, I was glad to see that it worked well here -until the last update. Please correct and check future updates before you wreck the games.
Tiffany 14.03.2015 10:13:47
The inner cities are crashing my game and it has been going on for 2 weeks! I have sent requests for help with no response. Please get this fixed. I am on level 37 and love the game but ready to quit it. Please fix!!! Thanks.
Amanda 13.03.2015 04:26:55
There are some inner cities I can can not do due to crashing. I touch them and the game takes me out. When I get back in, I have to either reharvest again or feed my animals again.
Grandmi 12.03.2015 10:36:11
Depuis que je joue sur iPad air 2 j'ai de nombreux bugs et sur hd je ne peux plus faire les tâches demandés. J'en suis au point 55 et je trouve cela très frustrant. Viven Ment une mise a jour qui corrige ces défauts que je n'avais pas sur sur mon ancien ipad. Merci d'avance.
Zoe 10.03.2015 23:16:05
Every time click on an intercity order game crashes... Kind of brought game to a halt ... Also extremely slow to load ... Please sort of bugs or else will have to quit playing ta!!
Rob Lo 12.03.2015 14:51:06
I agree very frustrating as now 4 on the inner city routes can't be used as they keep crashing
Renee Browder 07.03.2015 11:54:30
NEED an UPDATE PLEASE! GAME IS CRASHING! I'm on level 46, have literally been playing for YEARS, and have NEVER had a crashing issue before, with this game. As a matter of fact, I've never had ANY type of issue with it before, UNTIL this latest update. In the game, EVERY time I click on an item from the jobs screen, (ship, train, or truck), it CRASHES the game! I'm SO frustrated because I LOVE this game, otherwise. :/
Bella Alexis 04.03.2015 23:26:45
Is there a update for the paid PC version? If there is, how do I download it? I see people talking about presents and Christmas scene, Valentines scene and so on... I have none of that...
Jan 21.03.2015 14:15:05
I think the Valentine, Christmas, and now St. Patricks scenes are available only on the free Mac edition. I have them on my iPad, and I have never paid a cent for this game. My brother is playing on a PC, and he doesn't have these scenes.
Bella Alexis 21.03.2015 14:15:05
Okay thanks for the information. I have the free windows version as well, and we did not get any of the new updates. Christmas, Valentines, and St. Patrick's. I guess there are just different versions of the game out there.. Thank you for responding to my question :)
Bella Alexis 24.03.2015 14:23:58
By the free windows I meant the Big Fish one. 03.03.2015 23:20:18
Desperate need of an Update! Tired of the wintery Christmas scene. If anyone has a linc or if Realore reads these plzzzzz pass it to me TY!
maria de sousa 03.03.2015 19:42:46
despues de reinstalar juego, perdi mi progreso nivel 24. ahora nivel 1. Alguien sabe como recuperar nivel anterior? gracias.
Claire 26.02.2015 20:02:10
May sound silly but unable to complete my railway but when told to email them it's unrecognised please help
annie 24.02.2015 13:45:14
j'aimerais des fans du jeu , sur android, merci
annie 24.02.2015 13:43:37
add me of android, please
Iza 24.02.2015 06:04:13
Comment avoir de la monnaie bronze pour acheter certains items? Pas ceux en or mais bien en bronze comme pour les melons. Et puis ajoutez moi svp comme voisin !! Merci
Bodil1964 22.02.2015 15:38:03
The game "Farm up" is for free at and the have updates and usefull helpinfo. Besides that, if you are a purchase gold cost less!!!
christine 22.02.2015 13:15:52
How build the busstadion? Please help! I'm level 13.
Deb 21.02.2015 04:14:51
Level 52. Several times I have had product in my store, over 500 flour and wheat, hundreds of wool yarn, and once I go to use it, it's gone. Tonight I'm making custard and had 15,000 chicken eggs or more and they are gone. Where the hec do they go, this is sooo frustrating
Bess 20.02.2015 14:09:25
I have 6 quests that require I use the gold coins. Don't you feel it's unfair to have that many quests using gold coins? In game money SHOULD be used for personal use, not to move on in quests
Trixie 18.02.2015 22:04:32
Wie kann ich mein Spiel updaten? Im App-Store wird mir nichts dergleichen angezeigt? Please help me, i can´t update the game Farm up! Can everybody helb me?
Lane 16.02.2015 22:14:05
I am in need of Farm Up neighbors. Please add me,
Jan 24.03.2015 14:55:35
I think I need your email address to do it. Or add me:
amandine 15.02.2015 18:51:27
j'ai bessoin d'amis, je joue sur PC, mon Facebook c mandine melny si quelqu'un veut m'ajouter
Trozodecielo 15.02.2015 19:08:00
Veux-tu être mon amie pour jouer au jeu Farm Up ? Merci beaucoup
amandine 15.02.2015 19:08:00
oui mais y faut faire comment a partir de ce site?
amandine 15.02.2015 21:59:07
ta Facebook?
Trozodecielo 16.02.2015 12:07:46
oui, j'ai facebook
Florentina 15.02.2015 18:14:34
How to build Bus Stop? I'm level 27 and I do not give permission to build it. HELP ME
Sandra 15.02.2015 01:45:56
J'ai également le même soucis que vous. Depuis deux jours que ça dure, c'est très pénible !! J'espère que ce n'est que passager !!
Lindsay 14.02.2015 10:09:28
I am halfway through level 20 and my farm will load, but it won't let me click anything. NOTHING! I have closed the app and restarted my computer several times. It has been like this for 5 DAYS! Every time I login in I get my daily bonus of 1 gold and it is reflected in the game, but I can't click or tap on anything... I checked my settings on my computer and they are unchanged. Very frustrating. It seems to be a bug in the game itself (last updated 1/23/2015). I just want to play the game! Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? I have spent real money on gold and would be very upset and disappointed if this is not resolved soon.
Brenda 22.02.2015 10:03:07
I'm having this same issue on my tablet. It won't let me do anything, but I get gold. From what I can see, my crops aren't progressing either, but I can't even move around the screen.